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Quantum Medicines

Weight Control™

Weight Control™

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Your quantum solution to permanent weight control. Subscription program downloads 24/7 at the subatomic level to correct what is slowing your metabolism. A quantum intelligence is built into these programs that has the ability to perceive and accurately correct your unique set of underlying problems responsible for your weight gain.

Eat as many calories as you like (preferably not more than 2000 or less than 1000 calories) It is recommended that you follow the St. Gallen Diet. Our research discovered that the core underlying cause is a mutant fungal infection in your intestinal tract that has overgrown and slowed your metabolism., The 3 prong goal of this subscription is to download the quantum software that >kills the fungus, starves it of its nourishment and repairs your immune system where it allowed this chronic infection to get established. This chronic infection causes hyersecretion of insulin which stores fat. The St. Gallen Diet restricts foods and beverages that fuel the growth of the fungal infection. To assist you with compliance in following this highly researched diet, the software subscription Diet Repair is offered. This program also runs 24/7 to kill any overgrowth of fungus that occurs when compliance is a problem.

So effective is Quantum Medicines' Q Weight Control QMed, Quantum Medicines guarantees your satisfaction for the duration of your subscription or your money is refunded.

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