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Quantum Medicines

Dr™ (Quantum Doctor)

Dr™ (Quantum Doctor)

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One of our signature quantum Master Programs, QDr™ runs a diagnostic after accessing your neural network and then delivers the proper collective treatment from access to our massive data bank of Master Programs. A great preventative always on alert 24/7 to automatically make any medical corrections that are detected.

The advantages of hiring QDr™ and following his recommendations are as follows:

  • Highly efficacious!
  • Cures, controls or significantly improves medical issues that have been previously insurmountable
  • Cures medical issues that have been previously treated symptomatically
  • Ideal for that person with a "mystery illness" that the medical profession may have failed to cure
  • Ultimate in convenience
  • Total privacy
  • May use with any other quantum medications
  • Treats the underlying causes of your symptoms rather than the symptoms themselves
  • Ends the taking of prescription medications
  • No adverse side-effects possible with quantum medicines
  • Safe for all ages and pregnant women
  • Guaranteed results!
  • Compatible with human physiology
  • Holistic approach
  • Cost-effective

QDr™ Accesses Your Brain's Database to Determine What's Wrong

Are you sick but can't determine which set of downloads best suits your needs and/or haven't been diagnosed with a particular condition listed on the Quantum Medicines site? Or perhaps you have a "mystery illness" the medical profession can't figure out? If so, it's time to consult with QDr™. QDr™ is a super QMed™ program utilizing a quantum intelligence to draw quantum biodata from a vast number of master programs to select exactly what quantum bioinformation is required to precisely correct your medical problems.

QDr™ Ends the Guess Work by the Medical Profession

The traditional medical profession utilizes a symptom-based treatment system. In other words, physicians generally treat a patient symptomatically rather than treat the patient's underlying medical causes of his/her symptoms. This symptom-based approach to treating medical problems of patients is one of the major reasons, for escalating health care costs because few patients actually get the underlying causes of their symptoms treated successfully. As a result, despite symptomatic relief, unless the underlying causes of the medical problem are corrected, the condition may then become chronic. Many patients have seen multiple physicians and have received multiple recommendations involving the use of multiple medications. They have likely had a number of laboratory and radiographic evaluations in this process. However, the medical literature emphasizes that lab and X-ray alone account for only 10% of diagnosis. The literature notes that a strong medical history evaluation typically accounts for up to 90% of the diagnosis. However, due to the specialization of medical practitioners, their hurried schedules and the confines of their third party payment contracts, few patients receive a thorough medical history review. Unfortunately many patients are simply poor historians of their own personal medical history. As a result, these patients' health falls through the cracks and therefore suffer a life of compromised health with a medicine chest full of pills that really never fixes anything and often adds insult to injury. On the other hand, when you upload QDr™. This Master Program is uploaded to your brain to connect to the interface of its neuro-network in order to determine precisely the causes of your medical concerns. Your brain functions as a quantum computer full of stored information with which QDr™ can communicate on a quantum level and learn what is required to fix your medical problems. Subsequently, QDr™ then taps into JVC Technologies' vast library of quantum master programs from which the software uploads the necessary programs to begin the healing process. Treatment results are more rapid than old-fashioned pharmaceuticals and, unlike drugs, there is no possibility of any adverse effects.

NOTICE: Due to interference factors and/or extenuating circumstances such as non-compliance, prescription medications, inappropriate lifestyle, incompetent immune system, etc., you may require a second course of treatment to achieve the desired results. Important! While using QDr™, discontinue any drugs that you are taking that:

  • modulate the immune system.
  • has one or more side-effects that match the symptom(s) you are suffering from.
  • has a side-effect name that ends in "itis".
  • has a side-effect of causing an infection.

These drugs may be contributing to your condition and/or may hinder your recovery. Consult your pharmacist or drug insert.

Diet can play an important role in your recovery. JVC Technologies has developed the St. Gallen Diet which excludes most foods that feed on or promote fungal overgrowth in your intestinal tract, a major cause of most chronic illness.

So effective is Quantum Medicines' QDr™ QMed, Quantum Medicines guarantees your satisfaction for the duration of your subscription or your money is refunded.

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