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Dairy Fix™ - Lactose Intolerance Cure

Dairy Fix™ - Lactose Intolerance Cure

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Dairy Fix™ is the world's only cure for lactose intolerance and milk allergy! Milk is a superfood. The milk substitutes are expensive and unhealthy. Be cured of lactose intolerance and milk allergy in only 3 days and enjoy all the dairy products you love once again.

  • Upon activation and after three consecutive days the designated cardholder will have his/her lactose intolerance permanently reversed.
  • Simple: No pills to take. No diet to follow. Treats with pure data! Nothing to do but wait 3 days after your QMed™ software is activated then start enjoying milk again! That simple!
  • No adverse side effects possible
  • Safe for pregnant mothers
  • Safe for all ages.

Upon activation (order fulfillment) you will receive a Dairy Fix™ Digital QMed Card.

IMPORTANT to allow 3 days (minimum of 72 hours) following activation of the Dairy Fix™ Digital QMed Card before carefully re-introducing dairy products.

Once the 72 hour dosing period is completed, you will no longer have to suffer from lactose intolerance and milk allergy ever again from consuming dairy products.

Dairy Fix™... Finally the Cure for Lactose Intolerance!

What is Lactose Intolerance?

Lactose intolerance is a condition of the person's intestinal tract which lacks sufficient amounts of lactase, the enzyme that digests the lactose sugar in milk and milk containing products. When such products are consumed, this deficiency state results in such symptoms involving only the gastrointestinal tract which may include nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, gas, bloating and diarrhea. Such symptoms are not life threatening and can arise 30 minutes to several hours later after the consumption of lactose containing products.

Lactose Intolerance is Not a Disease

Lactose intolerance is not a disease but rather a naturally occurring process as we age. Lactose intolerance is more common in African-Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics and Asians. In addition to increasing age, the Mayo Clinic claims that other risk factors that may be responsible in developing lactose intolerance may include premature birth and diseases involving the intestinal tract. It is estimated 50 million Americans suffer from lactose intolerance and 80% of the global population. With the global population estimated at 7.6 billion, that means there are more than 6 billion people who are lactose intolerant for whom there is no cure until now!

Problems Associated with the Following Symptomatic Treatments of Lactose Intolerance:

    1. Avoidance of milk and dairy containing products.

  • Milk is a superfood rich in high quality protein, calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, potassium, Vitamins A, D, B12, thiamine, riboflavin, phosphorous, magnesium, folate, cholesterol (important in hormone synthesis), fatty acids. Milk also contains small amounts of vitamin C,E,K, niacin, pantothenic acid, B6 and folate.

  • Avoidance can lead to important dietary deficiencies and substitution with artificially created so-called "milk alternative" beverages with their own set of medical concerns.

  • Use of "milk alternatives" can lead to significant health risk issues of their own:

  • Almond milk typically contains more sugar than milk. Most manufactures add up to 20 grams of sugar per serving. A recently uncovered study by the sugar industry in the 1960's suggests a link between a high sugar diet, cancer and high cholesterol levels in rats. Almonds are high in fat and are considered a goitrogenic food according to "Goitrogenic" means almonds can release chemicals that can harm your thyroid gland, a major gland regulating your immune system and metabolism.

  • Rice milk medical concerns stem from two separate studies discovering that U.S. rice contains significant quantities of arsenic which "taints" the rice. Brown rice was found to have higher levels of arsenic than white rice. Rice is "one of nature's great scavengers of metallic compounds". Moreover, rice milks are typically high in sugar as well if sweetened. Rice is a carbohydrate. Rice milk contains no protein and made from brown rice syrup, a sugar compound. one cup of rice milk contains 33 grams of sugary carbohydrates... not a good idea for folks with diabetes or heart disease.

  • Soy milks use unfermented soy beans which provides numerous antinutrients to the consumer. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, "drinking just two glasses of soy milk daily provides enough of the compounds to alter a woman's menstrual cycle." Soymilk is also goitrogenic according to Dr. Mercola.

  • Coconut milk is high in fat, low in protein compared to cow's milk.

  • Lactase containing supplements are a relatively ineffective band aid for Lactose Intolerance sufferers. Their effectiveness is relative to the severity of the person's problem and the amount of dairy consumed.

  • Lactose-free milks have high sugar content despite the removal of lactose.

In summary, as evidenced by the medical risks associated with avoidance of milk and use of alternative "milk" products, these symptomatic treatments of lactose intolerance can be worse for the patient in the long term than the condition itself! Finally, however, our lactose intolerance cure is now available to begin savings lives that would have been made otherwise worse by the commercialism providing flawed alternative milk products.


Milk is mother nature's superfood that nourishes new life into the world. Avoiding such a wonderous product and seeking refuge in the many problematic milk alternatives is no longer necessary with  Dairy Fix™, our Lactose Intolerance Cure!  Dairy Fix™ stands ready to cure anyone anywhere of their lactose intolerance as easy as activating a credit card! No pills to take nor diet to follow. No side effects possible. Completely safe! Guaranteed.

Our Lactose Intolerance Cure is made possible by our discoveries based on the laws of quantum physics. We understand that this highly advanced technology is difficult to understand due to it being counterintuitive. Even quantum physicists do not agree on all things related to quantum physics. Since everyone doesn't need to be a quantum physicist to have an understanding of our radically new technology, we have derived two ways to explain how Dairy Fix™ and its QMed™ software works. The first is the simpler explanation for the general public's understanding. The second way is for those individuals that are more technically inquisitive.

  1. Explanation for the general public:

    Our quantum computer* knows how to communicate directly with your brain.  Dairy Fix™ is a software program that instantly downloads pure data to your brain from our quantum computer. Once your personal  Dairy Fix™ QMed™ software is activated, the  Dairy Fix™ program immediately begins reprograming your brain to direct your body to completely tolerate the lactose in any milk or milk product for life. In just three days after the initial download, you are permanently cured of your lactose intolerance. There is no possibility of side effects. Completely safe.

  2. Explanation for the technically inquisitive:

     Dairy Fix™ is a software program of specific physiologic directives that downloads quantum data from our quantum computer instantaneously to the neural network (brain) of the person who has lactose intolerance. The instantaneous transfer of  Dairy Fix™'s quantum data to anyone anywhere globally occurs by the phenomenon of quantum teleportation** using quantum entanglement and the transfer of classical information. Our  Dairy Fix™ QMed™ software acts as a portal to allow teleportation to proceed once the assigned person's QMed™ software is activated.

Everything in the universe including our bodies operate according to quantum physics where everything we eat and drink breaks down to pure data at the subatomic level before the cell can function. As a result, because  Dairy Fix™ is compatible with the quantum operating system of your brain, also a quantum computer, there is no possibility of any side effects. Completely safe based on 15 years of testing. 

So effective is the Dairy Fix™ QMed™, Quantum Medicines guarantees your satisfaction for a lifetime after purchase or your money is refunded.

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