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Quantum Medicines

BLISS™ - Quantum Euphoria

BLISS™ - Quantum Euphoria

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Overcome depression and achieve the happiness you deserve whenever you want with BLISS™. Everyone has different needs and life interferences to being happy. Now you can quantumly dose yourself on as needed basis to the level of joy you desire.

  • euphoria
  • increased energy and motivation
  • increased alertness and awareness
  • increased wakefulness and arousal
  • mental stimulation and increased concentration
  • sexual stimulation/aphrodisiac effects
  • increased sociability
  • diminished perception of the requirement for food and sleep
  • promotes healing
  • no possibility of any adverse side-effects no matter the dose uploaded
  • non-addictive
  • safe for all ages
  • guaranteed results
  • clinically tested and proven
  • compatible with human physiology unlike chemical based operating systems

Bliss Defined

Bliss is a “state of profound satisfaction, happiness and joy, a constant state of mind, undisturbed by gain or loss” according to Wikipedia. defines bliss as “supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment; to experience euphoria.” How wonderful would it be if the world’s population could feel this way. Would it end war, religious strife, crime, and the other evils that afflict mankind if everyone felt this way? The possibility to find out exists. The possibility lies within the realms of the human brain, a quantum computer that constantly interprets consciously and subconsciously the data derived from its environment. That interpretation depends on a complex multitude of factors that have come to program the brain in how it interprets that data. Among these factors are genetics, neuroendocrine balances, unique biochemical make-up, past -life experiences, etc. There is one reality but that reality is subject to interpretation. For example, say there is an antique Art Nouveau table standing proudly in a room. Two people are asked to enter the room and comment on the table they saw. One person described the table as an “old ugly piece of furniture (that person) wouldn’t care to own.” while the other person described the table as “one of the most beautiful tables (that person) has ever seen and would love to own it.” This goes with the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” The reality of a singular table is interpreted differently as to its esthetics and personal desirability due to each person’s unique mental processing of the data. Thus each person experiences a different reality for themself. In fact, Dr. Candace Pert’s research for which she was awarded the Theophrastus Paracelsus Prize for Holistic Medicine in St. Gallen in 2008 conveys that all of a person’s senses (sight, sound, taste, smell and touch) are filtered and memories stored through “molecules of emotion”. These molecules are mostly the neuropeptides and their receptors at every level of the “bodymind”. Moreover, these “molecules of emotion” color our perception and hence our creation of reality. In her book Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d (Hayhouse, 2007) she states that “we are hard-wired for Bliss which is both physical and divine.”

Some folks with seemingly everything going for them can’t find happiness. Others burdened with a number of life’s problems manage to be happy no matter what comes their way. It is all in how that person’s brain processes daily information with its inherent programming. Now, that programming can be beneficially reprogrammed back to its default setting of bliss.

Radical New Technology Programs the Brain to Achieve Bliss

There is a vastly complicated system of hormones and nerve connections all regulated by your brain. If there is any interference in the system or the brain’s regulated control of the system, bliss is unlikely in the pleasure centers of the brain. However, a new technology recently developed has the ability to reprogram the brain to achieve euphoria and a sense of bliss.

JVC Technologies™ has developed a radically advanced quantum information technology that generates activation coded QMeds™ that may be downloaded to your personal computer, smartphone or tablet.  Quantum bioinformation linked to their activation codes uploads physiologic directives directly to your brain’s neural-network via quantum teleportation. For answers to common questions regarding this quantum technology, please see our FAQs. From this technology a quantum psychoactive branded  BLISS™ has been developed.  BLISS™ is quantumly designed to bring “profound satisfaction, happiness and joy” by programming the brain and its associative neuro-hormonal pathways in a way that maximally stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain. 

This last effect was discovered in our clinical trials wherein patients having an illness found their illness abruptly start improving significantly with the initiation of the trial of  BLISS™. This would confirm Dr. Pert's research mentioned above.

This is the dawn of quantum medicine that uses information rather than chemicals to heal the body of what ails it. The entire universe including the human body and disease that attacks it operates according to quantum physics. Chemical based treatment systems do not operate according to those principles and, as such, are not compatible with human physiology as evidenced by their toxicity.


So effective is Quantum Medicines' BLISS - Quantum Euphoria QMed, Quantum Medicines guarantees your satisfaction for the duration of your subscription or your money is refunded.

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