August 11 , 2009

As a swimmer, I am an athlete with terrible chronic shoulder injuries. Six weeks before the 2000 Olympic Trials, I dislocated my shoulder in several spots. I was devastated and frustrated as I realized that it was going to be a permanent issue. After seeing many doctors, I can to the conclusion that I would just have to live with this pain, and swim with this injury if I even wanted to still continue swimming. After awhile I lost all motivation, as my shoulder would not let me do the activity I loved so much. I then ran into a doctor who came to introduce me to a new kind of treatment. The treatment was a radical new type of information technology wherein I downloaded a QMed. The QMed was called "Q Chiropractor™ Download" and was suppose to completely align my entire skeletal system with each application by allegedly downloading information to my brain. In the beginning I was very skeptical, as I have heard all of the promises before. After just one week, I was floored at what was happening to my body. After trying this treatment I was astounded at how quickly my body was able to heal itself. Every day I could feel things healing and getting "back to normal". I continued to additionally dose Q Chiropractor™ 3 times a day for 3 months straight. After a short three months my shoulder had fully recovered and I was able to do things I never thought I could do before. Today, my stroke feels great in the water, and I am able to do things on a regular and consistent basis. Q Chiropractor™ not only allowed my shoulder to heal on its own, but helped align all of my body, making me feel more "in tune" with my body, and more confident in my abilities. In an age where Dara Torres is making the Olympic team at the age of 41 , this makes me feel like I have a chance to at least get back to where I was, if not even faster. Without this treatment, swimming a couple laps would put me back into a slew of days of stretch cords and ice. This really is the easiest and best way to get better, by allowing your body to heal itself with help from this treatment. I would recommend Q Chiropractor™ to any athlete who cannot miss much time, or any person who wants to be at their peak potential in their athletic lifestyles.

Billy Brown
Head Coach & Club Administrator
Swim Kauai Aquatics



"I am so grateful. I have had bladder infections before. With all those symptoms of urgency, leaking, burning, and tiredness beyond control, your Supercillin™ encodement over the computer worked. This morning I feel like a normal human being. I am amazed! I can even go to work as a massage therapist and assist others to feel more relaxed... Bless you to continue this great work."

Loya, Hawaii



"Before using Q Food Allergy Reversal, I had severe allergic reactions to foods such as dairy, gluten, chocolate, pineapple and eggs. This resulted in severe cramps, bloating and diarrhea. I also felt lethargic, low energy and severe sinus pressure. The sinus pressure would turn into migraine headaches at least 4 times a month. I would have to take major medication that disrupted my life. Now, after uploading Q Food Allergy Reversal, I can eat the foods I like without the side-effects. I feel lighter, freer and relieved that I don't have to worry about feeling sick all the time. With Q Food Allergy Reversal, I immediately felt a difference and even my family noticed a positive change in me! Thank-you Q Food Allergy Reversal!"

K.M. Stockholm, Sweden



"After uploading Q Food Allergy Reversal, I now enjoy soy foods again without any discomfort or embarrassment. What an amazing reversal!"

A.G. , Utah, U.S.



"I have been allergic to pinto beans for a long time. My reactions to pinto beans were terrible. I used to suffer painful gas pain, cramps, and bloating which was most uncomfortable. I was recommended to try Q Food Allergy Reversal by my physician. At first, I felt skeptical but I will try anything to help solve my allergic reactions, so I uploaded Q Food Allergy Reversal and to my amazement it has worked! I would highly recommend Q Food Allergy Reversal because it works!"

Y.D. Ontario, Canada.



"The Tale of Two Kitties

I have two kitties who came to me as orphans:

Willie came to me nine years ago. Recently he had intestinal problems with vomiting, no appetite and lethargy. I took him to the veterinarian. While there his food was changed. He developed sores around his mouth from the new food. His food was subsequently changed again after which he lost 2 pounds. He then contracted a cough for which he was given an antibiotic. Despite a 6 week's stay at the vet, Willie returned home still lethargic, poor appetite and now was constantly chewing himself to the point he had a 12 inch x 2 inch bare area on his hind quarters. I then decided to treat him with QVet™ after these symptoms persisted for 3 weeks. His appetite and energy returned. He regained his lost weight. He stopped chewing on himself and no longer has the bare area on his hind quarters after just 3 weeks.

Sweetie is the other kitty who I found nearly 5 years ago. His right eye was 314th the way shut when I found him. There was cellophane wrapped around his back legs. I took him to the vet about his eye and legs. His legs were permanently damaged. He was given drops to put in his eye twice daily for 10 days. He fought the drops so that they couldn't be applied beyond two days. His eye continued to close further over time where it eventually became completely closed and watering. Sweetie also vomited several times, was lethargic and secluding himself to his pet bed. I then decided to treat him with QVet™. Fifteen minutes after treatment with QVet™, I saw him literally jump out of his pet bed and quickly walk over to me. The next morning he ate well, didn't vomit and his eye was completely open for the very first time in 5 years I owned him.

I was amazed at how quickly both cats responded to QVet™ without any side effects, trauma and treatment disappointment that had occurred from the visits to the vet. The 6 week stay at the vet for Willie cost me $2000 versus the nominal charge for QVet™ with its moneyback guaranteed results.

Thank goodness for QVet™!"

Dr. Debra, Minnesota