Quantum Medicine Recipes

Quantum medicine recipes provide the optimum selection of the precise quantum medicine software subscriptions to purchase to achieve significant improvement in the vast majority of people with some of the most challenging medical problems of our time.  
  1. Click on each "ingredient" of the recipe and you will be linked to the quantum medicine to inform you of its features.

  2. Learn how to navigate the website and  especially the "self dosing" feature that allows you to adjust dosing as needed during treatment in addition to the 6 month default subscription program that runs 24/7.

  3. Caretakers should register their clients as the recipient of the quantum medicines at the time of purchase if so desired. This allows the caretaker to download the recipient remotely.

1. Alzheimers Dementia / Dementia recipe:

  1. Brain Scanner™
  2. Age Reversal™
  3. Gene Therapy™
  4. Cellular Regeneration™
  5. Supercillin™
  6. Quantum Detox™

Energy Booster

2. Energy Booster recipe:

3. Longevity Optimizer recipe:

  1. Cellular Regeneration™
  2. Gene Therapy™
  3. Age Reversal™
  4. Supercillin™
  5. St. Galen Diet

The key to longevity depends on:

    1. Understanding what is actually causing a person the age. It appears this fundamental understanding is missing which is the problem for all other failures in optimizing one's longevity. You cannot fix what you do not understand.
    2. Optimizing your longevity can only be achieved with the ability to lower and maintain your biological age despite your birth age advancing onward. This can only be accomplished via the magic of quantum mechanics at the subatomic level.
      This is simply how we operate.
    3. Having our quantum "self dosing tool"available to not only reinforce the dosing of your quantum medicine subscriptions in this recipe but also provides an off-set to any negative life style changes or other negative impacts to the goals of this recipe you would like to mitigate.
    4. Our embryonic stem cells are considered to be immortal, as they do not age, can proliferate indefinitely and can form any tissue of the organism. Only when something runs interference with their immortality and replacement of their respective tissues, does their ability to be immortal get compromised.

Q: What is actually working 24/7 to cause you to age?
A: The short answer is fungus. It is designed to break down living matter back to its basic elements..dirt. Evidence of that is everywhere on the body when you are losing the war against aging. Like a spoiled peach, your body will show "age spots" and so so much more internally bringing havoc such as autoimmunities where it suits its principal purpose.

 Essentially, fungus strategically interferes with the immortality of the embryonic stem cell resulting in bio-aging of the cells

Q: How do you keep the fungus from winning that war? See St. Galen Diet.
A:  1) Starve the fungus of the fuels in your diet that it prefers
      2) Optimize your immune system
      3) Avoid destructive life styles
      4) Use of Quantum medicine download subscriptions that accomplish these goals not available by traditional methods. This important " Longevity Optimizer" recipe provides those solutions for the person serious about living longer.

|Note: in order for each product to be activated, they must be purchased individually. Make sure the recipient's name is entered for treatment for each product.

More quantum medicine recipes soon to follow.