Quantum Care For Your Animals

Quantum Medicines are not just for humans! The programming is also compatible with animals. Treat your pets and livestock with the same extremely effective programming without the possibility of any adverse side effects.

For the most part, Qvet™ (Quantum Veterinarian) is the primary software subscription to purchase to handle most animal related issues. Qvet™ is also one of our most researched and tested quantum products over the past several years. This software's effectiveness puts to rest that our quantum products are simply placebo

The same goes for self dosing above the default setting of the software's program. If the subscription has been purchased for your pet, then your pet gets the extra dosing as needed.

Just enter the name of your pet in the "Who will be receiving product treatment?" section of the product page when you add it to your cart. Once activated, your pet will immediately begin receiving treatment programming for the duration of the subscription, with unlimited dosing.

Note: In the case of livestock, each animal needs to have a name like a pet (animal's first name with the last name of the purchaser) in order to designate for whom the subscription is for.