Quantum Medicine FAQs

Q: What is meant by "quantum dosing?
A: Due to the unique biochemical make-up of individuals, certain people require and/or desire higher doses of a particular product to obtain the desired effect. Therefore, due to the quantum nature of the products, taking more then one dose (ie, download) at a time exponentially increases the proceeding dose's effect or benefit. The exponential benefits are not accompanied by any adverse side-effects as the doses are increased no matter how high the dose that's taken! See instructions on how to "quantum dose".

Q: Are there other ways to optimize the effects of transferred bioinformation?
A: Yes. A person will optimize a download's benefits by being well hydrated. In addition, the person should be rested to maximize the receptiveness of that person's neural network to the downloading of data.

Q: What does your "bioinformation" consist of?
A.: The "bioinformation is a quantum development... information or data in its purest form and proprietary in its creation.

Q: Is the download safe?
A: Absolutely. The ability to transfer information directly to your neuro-network and control the content of the data insures complete safety. This technology was developed as an alternative to the hazardous pharmaceuticals with their inherent chemical toxicity. There are no medications, chemicals, homeopathic substances, herbs, supplements involved ... just biodata downloaded to your neurons. There is no interference with other medical conditions or medications . A download is safe for people of all ages including a fetus! It is also safe for women who are pregnant. There is no possibility of any adverse side-effects whatsoever. This Information Technology is the new paradigm in safety for treating health related issues.

Q: Does the download work by "placebo effect"?
A: No. Our clinical trials with animals proves that fact.

Q: Has this technology been clinically tested?
A: Yes. The technology has had numerous human clinical trials over the recent years with such trials continuously being conducted on new quantum products that have been developed. Individual results will vary. Our trials reveal people have different threshold requirements before they realize the benefits of a particular product. For instance, a well rested individual will experience our downloads more profoundly than one who is sleep deprived where the senses are essentially dulled. The one who is sleep deprived might require higher doses. Therefore, due to the unique biochemical make-up of an individual and his/her lifestyle, results are often dose dependent and related to the mind-body connection of that person. In any event, the numerous single-blind clinical trials conducted have conveyed the unparalleled efficacy of this technology.

Q: Is this product FDA approved?
A: The FDA has not evaluated the statements regarding this product. The FDA does not regulate information technology in and of itself any more than it regulates the content of a health-advising DVD viewed by someone wherein the download is audio-visual.

Q: How do your products work?
A: A remote quantum computer teleports data to your brain, also a quantum computer. This data consists of specific physiologic directives to treat disease without drugs, supplements or chemicals of any kind. Pure data. No possibility of adverse side-effects.

Q: What would happen if a very young child or an infant downloaded a very high dosage of one of your psychoactives?
A: The child or infant would have a beneficial experience without suffering any adverse ill-effects whatsoever. All programs downloaded have a built-in "quantum intelligence" that never exceeds the human limits for that person. Such is never possible with chemicals.

Q: When will the email notification be sent to notify me of the expiration?
A: We send out our renewal emails 24 hours prior to renewal. If there is a billing issue you will be notified.

Q: If I miss the email notification and do not cancel, will my credit card be used without me having to approve the charge first?
A: If you don't cancel or pause your subscription, the credit card on file will automatically be charged. This billing agreement is part of the checkout procedure.

If you are concerned with the auto-renewal, you may pause your subscription renewal by clicking the "Subscription #XXXXXXXX" button in the email you receive at the time of purchase titled "Your subscription has been created - Quantum Medicines". Or you may log into your account on the website and click the "Subscriptions" link under "Account" near the top. There you may click the Pause or Cancel subscription buttons. Please note that product benefits will end once the subscription ends so only pause or cancel if this is understood.