An Important Case of Prenatal Polycystic Kidney Disease

A Clinical Trial of Supercillin™ Download

Purpose: To test the efficacy of using "Supercillin Download" consisting of QMed™ software bearing an unique activation code that "downloads" or transfers bioinformation when applied to the subject's forehead to allegedly kill a broad spectrum of infections. To test its use and safety in a complicated pregnancy case involving a life threatening infection in an unborn fetus facing certain death unless the antimicrobial therapy proves effective.

Date of this report: 01-17-09

Subject: A 35 year old pregnant female (DOB: 06-17-73)

Name: Jennifer

Attending physician: Dr. J.

Pre-test History and evaluation: The above 35 year old female presented in my office on 9-20-08 with a history of having 5 miscarriages. Again pregnant, her baby was diagnosed on 7-20-08 via ultrasound as having bilateral polycystic kidneys. Her OB-Gyn recommended termination of the pregnancy and genetic counseling as a result. (See enclosed report) My review of the medical literature on line revealed that such fetuses are nearly always stillborn. The couple opted to seek other opinions. The traditional profession provided them the same advice. They then saw an alternative practitioner on Oahu who evaluated the child using a machine that claimed the child had a number of infections. His approach was to administer to the mother a series of homeopathic injections many of which the subject administered herself at home. She reportedly did not tolerate the injections well and there was trouble in obtaining them as they came from Germany unreliably. After 1 month of this treatment approach, a follow-up ultrasound was performed again. It showed further growth in the cysts which caused them to seek help elsewhere. By referral from another client, this couple sought my help to save their baby using this experimental technology. The mother had a number of remarkable historical issues that included a groin infection on her right side with swollen glands. She had occasional blood in her stools. There was a history of depression, nightmares at night with yelling and screaming. She suffers "a lot with stomach aches having to alter her diet in order to feel better. She also suffers from a "high level of anxiety". Further questioning revealed that the subject was likely suffering from longstanding hypoglycemia.

Procedure: I recommended that the subject immediately discontinue all such injections recommended by her doctor in Oahu. She was instructed to take no supplements, vitamins or minerals of any kind or OTC medications. I determined that the unborn fetus's polycystic kidney disease was due to chronic polysystemic mucocutaneous candidiasis. The mother was placed on a yeast free diet and started on a course of Supercillin Download and other Downloads (ie, Q. Cannabis™ Download, Q Chiropractor Download) to treat the mother in order to save the baby. At no time did the mother receive any prescriptions or OTC substances during her course of care under my guidance. She visited my office weekly for symptom review and emailed me daily for me to keep track of certain parameters important to my assessment of her progress.

Results: The patient had extensive lab drawn on 10-28-08. (See enclosed) This data was provided to her OB-Gyn who was to deliver her on Oahu. Her OB-Gyn said the subject's laboratory results were surprisingly better than most of her patients! One week prior to her delivery an amniotic fluid test was also "surprisingly excellent" again providing the appearance that her pregnancy was going quite well. A follow-up ultrasound approximately 3 weeks prior to the baby's delivery conveyed that the cysts remained but had not enlarged. After just one week of starting my treatment with the downloads, the mother became and subsequently remained completely asymptomatic until her delivery! The mother delivered a viable 7 pound 13 oz baby boy on December 13th within 1 day of her due date requiring no intervention regarding the child's kidneys. Her delivery took only 5 hours. The child was evaluated again post delivery regarding its kidney status via ultrasound. The ultrasound again confirmed that both kidneys had significant polycystic kidney involvement but there was enough functioning kidney tissue remaining that further intervention was not required.

Conclusion: Contrary to the expected results in the medical literature (see enclosure), this child was borne alive and healthy enough not to require kidney surgery, dialysis or similar. The only conclusion that can be drawn from these results is that the downloads, to treat the mother and the child's serious and previously unrecognized fungal infection that was causing its polycystic kidney disease, were completely successful and obviously safe. It is my opinion that Supercillin™ Download provides a milestone here in proving its efficacy in a complicated medical case that also required using agents with an extreme safety profile in a renal compromised fetus with an apparent compromised and under-developed immune system. I do not believe that there are any currently available pharmacologic agents that would have come close to providing this rewarding outcome.