JVC Technologies

JVC Technologies is a private medical research and development company founded by Dr. Jon Van Cleave, RPH, DO. (see brief resume) JVC Technologies is a holding company for the various game changing technologies he has developed. In this venue, Dr. Van Cleave reveals the world’s first working quantum computer that treats disease with data rather than drugs. After more than 2 decades of research and development and millions of dollars personally invested, he has developed quantum software with physiologic directives that can be downloaded to a smart phone or computer and uploaded to a person’s or pet’s neural network to obtain a solution previously not found possible.

The classical quantum computing otherwise currently available today  is light years behind JVC Technologies’ quantum computing that has proof of concept and years of private use, quiet testing and a pile of miracles to show for it.

JVC Technologies mission has been to find solutions to previously insurmountable medical problems....solutions without the slightest possibility of adverse side effects from treatment. JVC Technologies has long understood the toll the drug industry has taken on the populace as it treats medical issues symptomatically with a chemical based approach. However, the universe including the human body and conditions that afflict it all operates according to the principles of quantum physics. Chemical based treatment systems do not operate according to those principles and, as such, are not compatible with the human host as evidenced by their toxicity JVC Technologies understands that quantum problems require a quantum solution.

For several years, JVC Technologies has quietly conducted clinical trials testing its new developments for efficacy and safety. Finally, after years of testing, it has decided to arrange the creation of a web presence as the venue for the presentation of its numerous products. QuantumMedicines.com with its QBit™ Meds offers a large array of products to provide solutions for a number of serious global health menaces.

 JVC Technologies has a humanitarian global agenda aimed at improving medical care in developing countries. It is JVC Technologies’ mission to improve the quality of life on Earth by replacing its toxic health care system with an entirely new quantum approach that is safe, affordable, effective and accessible to all. 

Mankind is always slow to accept change, especially those industries threatened by such change. However, this is the dawn of a new era...that of quantum downloadable medicine whose time has finally come. May the world enjoy!