A Case of Urinary Tract Infection

A Clinical Trial of Supercillin Download for Urinary Tract Infection

Pre-test background: On 12-30-08, a 59 year old female presented with complaints of headache, nausea, decreased appetite, decreased energy and a low grade temperature. Her urinalysis revealed a urine with 2+ WBC Esterase, 2+ Protein, 1 + occult blood with the microscopic analysis revealing "greater than 30 WBC /hpf and 4-10 RBC/hpf'. The culture and sensitivity (C&S) revealed a Klebsiella pneumoniae infection with a colony count greater than 100,000 units per ml. The subject was recently discharged from the hospital and a victim of having an urinary indwelling catheter during her hospital stay. Subject is a kidney cancer survivor with her one remaining kidney now apparently infected. Subject is not on any medications or supplements.

Procedure: The subject was remotely emailed Supercillin Downloads on 12-30-08 as an attachment for her to print out with accompanying instructions.

Findings: The subject rapidly improved symptomatically. Her appetite improved, her nausea disappeared as did her headache within hours after dosing her download. A follow-up urinalysis on 01-07-09 conveyed the infection had been terminated. Only 1+ protein was reported. No blood, pus (WBC's) or bacteria was seen. As a result the lab did not find it necessary to perform a reflex culture.

Conclusion: Supercillin Downloads completely cleared the subject's urinary tract infection. Supercillin's efficacy is confirmed.