A Case of Paresthesia of the Fingers

Clinical Trial of Treating a Frozen Shoulder Paresthesia of the Fingers with Quantum Chiropractor™


To test the efficacy of “Quantum Chiropractor” that claims "to align your entire skeletal system with precision".

Quantum Chiropractor consists of an activation coded QBit™ Card that is downloaded to your computer or cellphone. When it is displayed on your monitor and touched with your fingertip for 10 seconds, the bioinformation tied to its activation codes is uploaded to your brain's neuronetwork. The biodata provides physiologic directives that result in an immediate and perfect alignment of your entire skeletal system




A 64 year old Caucasian female

Examining physician:

Dr. K.

Pre-Test Examination:

The above referenced female, a massage therapist by profession, presented with the complaints of neck pain, mid-back pain and that her “hands and fingers became numb and developed tingling”(paresthesia) following a massage she just performed. She said she had a sensation of “her vertebrae going out of alignment” in her neck. Kinesiology revealed this subject had lesions in her cervical and thoracic spine requiring correction. Palpatory examination revealed several areas of palpable tenderness indicating the location of the rotated vertebrae. These tender spots were marked with an “X” (see photograph).


An activation coded QBit™ Card for “Quantum Chiropractor ” was prepared. The QBit™ Card was uploaded to her brain’s neuro-network via her touching the QBit™ Card displayed on my computer’s monitor with her fingertip for 10 seconds. She then was requested to lie on my exam table face up for 5 minutes with her arms to her side. A small pillow for her head was provided. Following the 5 minute rest time, she was requested to sit back up in order for her back to be re-examined.


Re-evaluation with kinesiology revealed that her back was now properly aligned. The palpatory exam then revealed that the areas marked with an “X” were no longer palpably tender further indicating that the lesions were corrected. The subject also noted she no longer experienced discomfort in the back of her neck and mid-back. Moreover, the numbness and tingling sensations of her hands and fingers had disappeared as well.


The uploading of bioinformation from an activation coded QBit™ Card designated “ Quantum Chiropractor” did, in fact, re-align the subject’s cervical and thoracic regions and subsequently provided relief of her presenting symptoms including her paresthesias of her fingers and hands. The product’s claims were therefore confirmed and validated.