A Case of Juvenile Infection

A Clinical Trial for Supercillin Download

Purpose: To test the efficacy of Supercillin Download in an actual home setting by sending an email with QMed download.

Date: 12-27-08

Subject: A 17 year old female (DOB: 01-18-90)

Name: Kolo

Physician: Dr. J.

Pre-Test Background: On 12-27-08 patient's mother calls stating that she believes her daughter may have some sort of infection. She states that her daughter has had a continuous headache for 2 days, that her spine feels sore and she can't focus. Her daughter feels hot to her touch of about 101 degrees. However, when she took her temperature it was subnormal at 98.0 degrees. Daughter also complains of nausea and low energy level of about a 5 on a 10 scale. The above attending physician assesses that the patient likely has a viral exanthem.

Procedure: The above physician emailed the subject's mother a Supercillin Download to dose twice. Instructions for its application and use accompanied the file. The subject performed the doses at 11pm on 12-27-08.

Findings: The mother reported back her daughter's progress to the attending physician at noon the following day on 12-28-08. The daughter reports that all symptoms are gone and does not feel sick whatsoever. Her mother stated that she fully expected that without treatment that her daughter would have been worse that day.

Conclusion: It is the clinical impression of the physician that the above subject had a remarkable recovery that confirms the success of treatment by Supercillin Download for what appeared to be of viral etiology.