A Case of Frozen Shoulder

Clinical Trial of Treating a Frozen Shoulder with Quantum Chiropractor™


To test the efficacy of using “Quantum Chiropractor™” to restore a frozen shoulder back to its normal range of motion.

Quantum Chiropractor™ claims to "align your entire skeletal system with precision". This product consists of an activation coded QBit™ Card that is downloaded to your computer or cell phone. When it is displayed on your monitor and touched with your fingertip for 10 seconds, the bioinformation tied to its activation codes is uploaded to your brain’s neuro-network. The biodata provides physiologic directives to immediately align your entire skeletal structure. It was proposed that if the shoulder and its supportive structures were kept in perfect alignment consistently over a long enough period of time that the shoulder would have its normal range of motion restored.


April 12, 2008


A 55 year old Caucasian female

Examining Physician:

Dr. K.

Pre-test Background:

The subject reported that she woke up one morning in early May 2007 to an agonizing pain in her right shoulder. She claims she was unable to move it at all and that it was “frozen”. She noted that any attempt to move it would bring her unbearable pain. She then went to a highly recommended chiropractor to assist her. She noted that her neck, back and right elbow and wrist were also “very challenged by the injury as they would constantly go out of alignment adding to her considerable pain.” She claimed that the chiropractor offered her temporary relief that “lasted only a day or two and she would have to return 2 to 3 times a week for adjustments.” She was frustrated because she was getting no permanent relief and the repeated treatments were expensive for her. The chiropractor then referred her to a physical therapist for massage and physical therapy. She claimed the therapist’s treatments “did not make any difference to her tremendous pain and only added to an increasing emotional strain and financial drain.” She was getting despondent as this scenario persisted for at least 6 months until she decided to stop all treatment and bear the pain.

By chance, she later learned of the clinical trials being offered to test a new product called Quantum Chiropractor™. The radical new information technology product was developed by a private humanitarian medical research group which had created the QBit™ Card based on quantum physics. She volunteered for the trial in her desperation to get relief. By that time, her shoulder was completely locked up with zero mobility.


After a skeletal examination which confirmed a completely frozen shoulder with absolutely no range of motion capabilities and what appeared to be multiple subluxations of her spinal column as well, she was started on a series of Quantum Chiropractor QBit™ Cards. The QBit™ Cards were downloaded to her computer via email. She then uploaded the QBit™ Cards by touching them with her fingertip for 10 seconds each while they were displayed on her monitor. She was instructed to upload the QBit™ Cards three times a day. Following their upload, she was then instructed to lie on her back for 10 minutes with her arms to her sides with a small pillow under head. Her progress was followed weekly. No medications or supplements were taken by her.

Clinical Results:

Within 2 months the subject had 75% mobility of her right shoulder restored. By the end of three months she had full 100% restoration of her right shoulder mobility and function without any pain or discomfort in performing normal day to day activities. In her own words regarding the use of Quantum Chiropractor™ QBit™ Cards, she stated: “What a blessing Quantum Chirporactor™ was! I could feel right away my entire body come into structural alignment and to my amazement it would hold the alignment for several days on end. I also experienced a very deep, soothing, calming feeling in my body while taking the QBit™ Cards. I found this to be so incredibly healing and rejuvenating.”


It appears that Quantum Chiropractor™ delivered on its claims to perfectly align a person’s complete skeletal system. In this trial, with repeated usage, Quantum Chirpractor™ proved effective in completely restoring shoulder joint mobility of a patient with a shoulder that was 100% frozen despite numerous previous treatments by conventional modalities.