A Case of Chronic Shoulder Pain

Clinical Trial of Treating Shoulder Pain with Quantum Chiropractor™


To test the efficacy of "Quantum Chiropractor™" consisting of an activation coded QBit™ Card linked to master programs that uploads their biodata to the person's neural-network with physiologic directives that program the brain to "align the person's entire skeletal system with precision." In this trial it is an attempt to see if Quantum Chiropractor™ used several times a day long term will restore and heal a person's chronic shoulder pain.

Date of report:



A 30 year old Caucasian male

Examining physician:

Dr. P.

Historical review:

The above referenced male is a competitive swimmer and aquatic director who reportedly "dislocated his left shoulder in several spots" six weeks before the 2000 US Olympic Trials. That subsequently ruined his ability to compete in the trials. Over the course of a number of years, he sought the advice of several doctors who generally recommended surgery with no guarantee of complete recovery. Fearful of surgery, he came to the conclusion that "he would have to live with pain, and swim with this injury if he wanted to still continue swimming." Later he said that "he lost all motivation to compete as his shoulder would not let him do the activity he loved so much." He stated that he has been depressed for years because of the injury and what appeared to be a dream lost.

It has been 8 years post injury when the above referenced athlete agreed using "Quantum Chiropractor™" in a trial in an attempt to completely restore his left shoulder to function normally without pain. He was comfortable with the following trial because Quantum Chiropractor™ presented him with no possibility of adverse side effects. At the time of his examination he claim for years he had lived in constant pain with his shoulder.


An examination was performed on 09-06-2008 and photographs taken due to the marked dys-symmetry of his upper torso. See photos below which clearly convey the marked elevation of his left shoulder girdle especially noticed by the elevation of his left nipple as compared to his right nipple. He was unable to extend and elevate his left arm above a plane parallel to the ground without significant discomfort. Although he had 90-95 % ROM in all fields, forward flexion resulted in marked pain. His shoulder abduction test also resulted in 3+ discomfort. Palpation of his AC joint and bicipital groove also resulted in marked tenderness. His apprehension test was also positive for pain. He also had several areas of palpatory tenderness in his cervical and thoracic paraspinal regions.


Every day for three months, the subject would dose one QBit™ Card Quantum Chiropractor™ three times a day (morning, mid-day and bedtime) from his computer.. He would return to the examiner's office weekly for evaluation.


In one week after starting the protocol he noticed significant improvement and that his "body was healing itself". He noted that "every day he could feel things healing and getting back to normal." Within only three months exactly, his shoulder had fully recovered. He stated "he was able to do things he never thought he could do before." He furthermore stated that he "felt more in tune with his body and confident of his abilities." He was completely pain free with 100% ROM of his left shoulder. He subsequently had renewed optimism about his swimming career. Otherwise he claims that "without this treatment, swimming a couple of laps would put him back into a slew of days of stretch cords and ice."

His progress was followed for another couple of years where he eventually was part of a relay team that made a record breaking 72 mile open ocean channel swim in 2010. Afterwards, he later reported to the examiner that his shoulder had given him no trouble during the swim! He said being a part of this record making event made up for missing the Olympic Trials in 2000. In 2011, he swam the Strait of Gibraltar in 64° water without a wetsuit in one of the fastest recorded times!


The dosing of activation coded Quantum Chiropractor QBit™ Card three times a day for three months was completely successful in restoring the function of this athlete's left shoulder without any residual chronic pain. It provides encouragement that chronic joint problems can be resolved with this kind of quantum therapy. This product's claims were therefore confirmed and validated.